I set up Pictures of Burgers in 2016. It's a collection of burger pictures from around the internet. I selected all the pictures myself, looking for delicious and appetizing burgers! So if you're feeling hungry you can look at the pictures and virtually satisfy your hunger, or just get even more hungry!

Picture Sources

As they are not my pictures, the source is very important, so it's shown prominently on the picture with a link back to the site the picture came from.

User Uploads

Just now there isn't a facility for users to upload pictures but I might make such a thing if there is a demand for it. In this day and age if you allow anyone in the world to upload a picture, you never know what you will get! This is my main reason for not having a user upload at this time.

Top Ten

The Top Ten pictures are determined by the number of "Add to favourites" (votes) a picture gets. I wanted to make this as fair as possible so any "Add to favourites" a picture gets from a highlighted link such as the Top Ten or a tag doesn't count as a vote as these pictures will get seen more than the others. The only votes that are counted are those from the "Show All Pictures" link which is the default pictures that a new visitor to the site will see. These pictures are shown in rotation so every picture gets the same exposure, meaning that the first picture a visitor sees will be different to the first picture the next visitor sees.


You can add pictures to your favourites so it's easy to see them again when you next visit. The site uses a cookie to reference your favourites, there is no login. If you delete your cookies you will lose your favourites. It also means the favourites are per browser per device, so your favourites in Chrome on your desktop might be different to your favourites in Firefox or your favourites in Chrome on your phone or tablet, as browsers use their own cookies.


This is the picture I am using for the header image on the Twitter page for the site. It comes from the very nice people at Las Vegas Food Adventures

This is the picture I am using for the site icon and for the profile image on the Twitter page for the site. It comes from by Michael Stern (Wall_Food_10057) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

Charles Sweeney

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